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I am a social scientist working at the intersection of science, technology & medicine studies, decision research, and organizational analysis. My academic projects investigate

how credible and actionable information gets produced, with an eye toward tracing the transformation of systems of expertise and the emergence of new forms of sensemaking. Following this line of research has brought me to remarkably complex and dynamic

decision domains over the years, including government weather forecasting and in-hospital cardiology care.


In the past decade, my interests have progressively shifted to applied research: developing real-world products and interactions that deliver credible and actionable information. At the core of what I do is still a rigorous user-centered research framework and innovative data analytics. My focus now is on directly helping people make positive changes in their lives.


I talk about my first book, Masters of Uncertainty, with Carla Nappi on the STS New Books Network.

Blog post based on my current book project, How Doctors Make Decisions, on Installing (Social) Order.

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