July 26, 2017

There is a paradox in clinical uncertainty management. While contemporary medical education and training dismisses prognosis in favor of diagnostic and treatment skills, prognosis is ever present in daily medical life. In fact, ....

December 19, 2016

One need not have seen the recently released film “Sully” to know about the Miracle on the Hudson. The January 2009 emergency landing of US Airways Flight 1549 on New York’s Hudson River has become branded in the mind of most of us, and it only takes a photograph to br...

October 28, 2016

I recently had the opportunity to see the film Sully (2016), which recounts the 2009 emergency landing of a jetliner on New York’s Hudson River. Despite some critical flaws, the film is not only a thrill to watch but also provides much food for thought to those studyin...

October 8, 2016

An often overlooked aspect of how infrastructures impose (social) order is through transforming time into a trusty ally. One of their essential functions is to afford  shared frames for enacting a window of opportunity.

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